The Cherry Tree Carol

And now, on Winter Solstice, we pause for a break. Last week I went to a Christmas musical performance of Mark O’Connor’s Appalachian Christmas at the university. I went partly because I love fiddle and violin music of any kind, and partly because I love Christmas concerts and miss most of them because I’m grading […]

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Finding My Paternal Family

I’ve probably shared already that Ancestry showed three possible first cousins. Two turned out to be sons of two of my birthmother’s four sisters, Bueton’s son Rich and Clara Sue’s son John. The third person listed had not been active on Ancestry in over two years. They were listed as DyerM50 and had a small […]

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Catching Up

So, back to my discoveries through Ancestry DNA. Cousin Rich is the one who paved the way for my entry (or re-entry) into my family tree on my maternal side, checking with my half-sister and my last living aunt before putting me in touch with people. I’m glad he was careful, a family secret isn’t […]

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Lincoln, NE, to Sylva, NC

Between no wifi access and spending all weekend with Kate’s new-found family, I couldn’t post here. From Lincoln we continued east through a.corner of Iowa, adding another state to our list for this trip. Then we crossed the Missouri River into Missouri, and we waved at Kansas across the river as we drove on. Back […]

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Many Gifts

I will finish the story of how I got here at a later date, but right now I am here and it IS amazing. And I will continue this post in more detail later as well, but know that silence for a day or two on this blog is a sign of joy and amazement […]

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Cheyenne, WY, to Lincoln, NE

In Cheyenne, we stayed at a family-owned RV park that had a small delicious BarBQ restaurant, so that’s what we had for dinner. The people who ran the place were very nice and the food was great. While we were planning our trip, we thought we’d better make reservations along the way because it is […]

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