Cheyenne, WY, to Lincoln, NE

In Cheyenne, we stayed at a family-owned RV park that had a small delicious BarBQ restaurant, so that’s what we had for dinner. The people who ran the place were very nice and the food was great. While we were planning our trip, we thought we’d better make reservations along the way because it is summer and places might fill by the time we get there. Plus, we needed wifi because Kate is teaching an online class this summer. Their website promised wifi and water and electric hookups, which we wanted also for the air conditioner. We were a curious because of the featured pictures on their website of , presumably, their daughters who had won beauty pageant, Miss Wyoming High School America and Miss Colorado Royalty International Teen. But no beauty queen sightings there.

The RV spaces were packed in, cheek to jowl as my mother used to say. We did see another R-Pod like ours there during our dog walk. I think quite a few people were staying for a while or there for the summer. Outside one huge RV, two older couples were gathered around the large TV screen mounted in a special compartment on the outside, watching the news and chatting. Who knew there s such a thing as external large screen on an RV?

Wyoming was gorgeous, beautiful rock formations and sage, lots of wind farms. The Subaru was fine on the long inclines as long as we kept it around 50 mph. And of course everyone passed us except the semi trucks that must have been full.

Nebraska on the other hand was flat and looked like so many other places in eastern Montana and North Dakota along the route we usually drive to Wisconsin. We got lost finding the RV park in Lincoln, thanks to the Subaru,s GPS. First, on the way there, we were very low on gas and the system directed us to a closed, possibly defunct, gas station in the middle of nowhere. Then when we got to Lincoln, for some reason it took us to an truck repair shop instead of the campground. We lost trust in that voice after that.

In Lincoln, we had dinner with an ex of mine, Deb, from when I lived in Madison, when I was 25. She’s been the music director of the local independent radio station for 30 years, as long as she’s been in Lincoln. We have grown older and grayer since Madison, and hopefully wiser. She’s become quite the photographer and selling her photos on cards and calendars and prints.

Deb and Jeanne, Lincoln

One thought on “Cheyenne, WY, to Lincoln, NE

  1. We have friends who have the outside TV, and we were very polite about the concept, although inwardly horrified. I’m sure it is pleasant for the gang watching TV outside, but a little trying on the neighbors. Hard to hear the birds over the tv!

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