Bellingham to La Grande, OR

We were off to a late start, well later than we planned. I should know better than to think we can get away that early! Our first stop was the truck stop in Ferndale , a few miles NE, to use the truck scale. Just to make sure we weren’t overloaded! Hey, it’s our first real long trip. Everything was fine so on to NC!

I loved the rolling hills near Ellensburg, where we saw the lazy rotating of the turbines line sentinels at ease along the ridge. Then, driving over the Manastash Ridge what a view into the valley there. Approaching Yakima we had an amazing view of the dome of Mt Adam in front of us and just the top of Mt Rainier peaking over the next ridge on our right in the hazy late afternoon light.

On the slope of another small ridge we saw a large solar farm under construction, hundreds, outside of Pendleton, OR. Nice that alternative energy is taken seriously out here in the West.

Last year when we travelled, I collected unusual road names, so here are more.

  • Iron Goat Rd
  • Hungry Junction Rd
  • Teapot Dome Rd, near Teapot Dome Historical Site
  • Bermuda Rd, in WA???

Back on the road and on to Idaho, then Utah!

– Jeanne

5 thoughts on “Bellingham to La Grande, OR

  1. So happy you are off and safely (at proper weight) to motor on down the road! More pix when you get a chance? Love you! Have fun!❣️


  2. Wow, never thought I’d get to have a conversation with Lirael herself, such a role model! Which of your dogs is the Disreputable one?

    Love and Bon Voyage to you all!

    Nancy E

  3. Hi Kate and Jean! We just got home from a week in Grayland! Had a lovely time. Wishing you lots of smooth easy miles. Sounds like a great start!

  4. So glad to hear about and visualize your trip! So glad you are chronicling it! Sounds really nice and adventurous so far first leg of it! Great!!

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