La Grande to Willard Bay State Park, UT

Sunday we started the day with a visit to a truck stop to put regular air in the nitrogen-filled tires. Kate was excited to pull in where the truckers go. She was having fantasies about becoming a long-haul truck driver. I told her she could take the dog with her. It was very hot travelling most of the day, in the upper 90s and mid 100s and even hit 109 once.

We saw several R-Pods on the road, older models – the colors are different. I’m hoping to meet someone with the same travel trailer in one of the campgrounds where we stay to share hacks. Unfortunately some of the mods we did before we left didn’t stay up. Back to the drawing board!

Some highlights from our day:

Our newer rescue dog Mishka met a horse and tried to lick it’s leg.

We were parked next to a Weimaraner puppy and an adult one. So cute!

I loved waking up in the campground to the sound of red wing blackbirds, bullfrogs, and a fountain.

Drove by a picturesque field of grazing animals, which I called Landscape With Cattle and Antelope

We saw quite a bit of smokey hazy sky in SW Idaho, which made for an amazingly beautiful sunset over gorgeous golden fields.

We saw quite a few Game Crossing signs along the interstate and Kate kept looking for wild Bananagrams and Words With Friends, but no sightings.

Sign along the road in Idaho read Labrador for Governor, and we both agreed, but we thought a Borador (Border Collie and Labrador mix , like Mishka) would be even better.

Such a changing landscape, dry dry dry in parts of WA and SW Idaho and then green past Twin Falls, with volunteer canola flowers or mini sunflowers in the median strip. Even a field of standing water with a flock of gulls settled down for the afternoon.

And the interesting road and town names of the day:

  • Towns Willard and Jerome near Twin Falls, ID – were they the twins that fell off the falls?
  • Poverty Lane on the Umatilla Reservation
  • Old Settlers Rd on the same sign on the Rez
  • Yodelin Place – they could only sort of yodel and dropped their voices at the end?
  • Idahome Rd, in ID

At a rest stop, how new planes like to travel.

On to Cheyenne!

4 thoughts on “La Grande to Willard Bay State Park, UT

  1. Beautiful!!..I laugh…I tear up…I visualize….wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing as you go and bring us with you! Thank you so much! I need to read these as I drudge on day in day out! LOL! Jeanne you’re quite the describer! Brings everything to life for us! Can’t wait for your next entry! So glad it sounds like you’re having the best adventure you both deserve! Dogs, too, along with their humans for the ride of a lifetime. Love you both and also relieved to hear from you, honestly! Each time. Betsy

  2. What an adventure! I feel as though I’m in the car with you (except for the heat). Haven’t done a cross-country road trip since ’93 — enjoying the vicarious experience. Can’t wait for your next post.
    Praying for your safety.Nancy

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